About us

When you shop from one of our partner brands you become a part of their story and the real makers feel the impact of your choice. 

To increase awareness and transparency of the production process, each product on our platform is marked with sustainability values. Our partner brands need to meet at least two of our six sustainability values – Circular, Organic, Vegan, Fair, Heritage, Handcrafted. 

Our goal is to work with brands that are not only creating outstanding designs but are also transparent about their process. In their efforts to minimise their impact on the planet, they are exploring alternative materials, re-inventing conventional methods, reviving heritage crafts and creating master pieces in the bargain. Sustainability is at the core of what they do.

Conscious is derived from the latin word Consius, which means to have a joint or common knowledge with another. Our mission therefore is simple; to bring together emerging brands and consumers who have a common understanding of sustainability.

In other words, we make it easy for you to discover the sustainable way!